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About SpringGage

We are the information performance experts.

“Our mission is to provide our customers with increased performance by focusing on their information content and business processes”


SpringGage provides businesses with no-code information performance solutions and services. It is our belief that in the Information Age, business performance equals information performance.
We operate within the rapidly growing business process management market space. A market experiencing double digit year over year growth, and is estimated to be a $5.7 billion market by 2017. SpringGage is headquartered in Toronto.

Aligning Your People and Processes with Your Business Drivers

At SpringGage we align your business processes to your business strategy. We review, restructure and realign your company’s information strategy and provide model-driven processes that enable your company to agilely meet rapidly changing market conditions. Best of all, our solutions and services require no-coding by your end users.

Our Clients and Industries

Our clients range from 50 million SMEs to billion dollar multinationals, in a broad spectrum of industries including, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, construction, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing.

OpenText Partnership

SpringGage is an OpenText consulting partner, reseller and ISV.