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“Human knowledge and human power meet in one; for where the cause is not known the effect cannot be produced.”

-Sir Francis Bacon

Knowledge is power. It was true for Sir Francis Bacon and in today’s Information Age it is certainly no less true. And yet information and knowledge are not synonymous; there is a critical difference. Information only becomes knowledge once it is known. Without the ability to access and manipulate the information, your company’s content, critical processes, business goals, and best practices will remain just that: Information

SpringGage turns your information into knowledge.

Business process management strategy iconStrategy
Structure Follows Strategy

We perform a comprehensive top to bottom review of your people, content, and critical processes. Based on our findings we custom-design solutions for your specific needs.

BPM design iconPlan & Design
Personalized Solutions

With your strategy complete and your critical processes identified, we’ll bring everything together and put it at your fingertips. Critical processes, documentation, real-time metrics, and a personalized social feed are all available on an Executive Dashboard customized to your needs and position.

Business process management implementation iconImplementation
Information into Knowledge

We are Information Performance experts. We put the right information in the right hands at the right time; wherever those hands may be. All processes and metrics can be accessed and manipulated through any smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop.

BPM outsourcing iconSupport
Mentoring and Coaching

We offer mentoring on the use and upkeep of Information Performance systems. With our training you will need neither outside consultants nor your own IT department to maintain and evolve both your critical business processes and your Information Performance system.