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Key Critical Business Processes

Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on.

-Richard P. Feynman

See your business in a whole new light.

Welcome to the information age, where business performance and information performance are one and the same. SpringGage offers Information Performance suites customized to your environment. With our host of Critical Process suites, you’ll streamline business processes, better manage documentation, and gain valuable insight into your company.

BPM operations iconFinance
Optimize Your Controls

Tighten your controls and compliance and optimize your key financial processes from planning to fiscal close.

  • ISO project documentation iconControls & Fraud
  • Record centre iconFinancial Close
  • Contract Management iconSOX Compliance

Business process management finance iconInformation Technology
Optimize Your Reporting

Refine your ITIL process to ensure smooth and efficient operations of your organization.

  • Purchase orders iconService Management
  • Time and expenses iconProblem Management
  • Chart of accounts iconsIncident Reporting
  • SOX compliance iconRequest Fulfilment

BPM operationsHealth, Safety & Environment
Delivery Process Support

Proactively monitor HSE compliance and solutions through mobile inspection, incident, and investigation applications and executive dashboards.

  • HR onboarding iconIncident reporting
  • Vacation tracking iconInvestigations
  • Skills search iconCorrective Actions
  • Employee benefits iconAudits & Reviews
  • Resume Builder iconInspections & check-lists

Business process management marketingManagement
Right Information in the Right Hands

Turn exceptions into verified actions with an automated escalations process. Receive real-time metrics on critical processes.

  • Digital asset management iconEscalation management
  • Website design iconApproval central
  • Portals iconAuthority matrices
  • RFP management iconRequest Management